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AussieVits was created in 2018 by father and son duo, Professor Afif Hadj (Surgeon) and his son Dr Anthony Hadj (GP). Manufactured in Sydney, Australia to the highest quality; AussieVits is exported throughout the world to an ever growing market.

Both Afif and Anthony have used multivitamins extensively with their patients to great effect. Dr Anthony completed a thesis in complementary medicines in 2003 (Monash University, Melbourne) and has since published widely about CoEnzymeQ10, Omega-3-Fish Oil, Magnesium and Mind Body Medicine. He has also presented his research around the world at medical conferences and speaks widely about healthy eating.

They are committed to the health of everyone they meet and thus developed AussieVits in 2017 to provide the highest quality health supplements available on the market.

Aussie Vits - Clinically formulated. 100% Made in Australia. For Mind & Body.


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