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Why Choose AussieVits?

The AussieVits range are 100% Australian made.

Our products are manufactured by Vitex, a wholly Australian-owned and family operated company established in 1989.

Located in the beautiful suburb of Eastern Creek, Sydney, Vitex Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in the contract manufacture of complementary medicine products.

Vitex Pharmaceuticals

Vitex Pharmaceuticals is founded and operated by the Chami family. Vitex has become one of Australia’s leading high-quality manufacturers of complementary medicine. They deliver solutions from concept to shelf to help companies of all sizes meet their development and manufacturing needs at any stage or scale. They provide a combination of unparalleled best-in-class quality, reliability and compliance – underscored by a long-standing reputation for scientific and technical excellence by regulatory authorities around the world.

Having built a reputation for excellence in quality, operational reliability, integrity and innovation of products and services, AussieVits is proud to partner with Vitex in delivering the highest quality, Australian made vitamins for you and your family.